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Q. How do I know when I have been paid for an item
A. It's really quite easy. When you sell something on OZBTC you are required to enter a new bitcoin address. This is so you can tell who has paid for what items. For more info click here. If you choose escrow ozbtc will let you know.

Q. When I relist a sold item can I use the same bitcoin address
A. Yes if you have already been paid on that address it would be easy to tell when you recieve a new payment.

Q. Why do you charge 0.5% of final BTC price
A. To help pay for hosting and new member SMS's. You will be required to pay in bitcoins when your account is 0.5BTC in the red.This is going to change to $10 in the red

Q. If I have donated will I still pay fees
A. Yes but think of it as a bar tab. If you have donated more than what you should have paid in fees your fees will just come out of your donations.

Q. I dont recive any emails from OZBTC
A. Junk mail filters are pretty strict these days. Just add rule if subject contains OZBTC it is safe.