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Welcome To OZBTC

This site is an Australian Bitcoin Classified for Australians to buy and sell goods using bitcoins. To find out more please read the FAQ

To learn about bitcoin and to download the bitcoin wallet(Required to buy and sell) go to

To buy bitcoins or turn your bitcoins back into cash check out these sites:
  • Bitcoin Trader <-- Buy and sell bitcoins in oz - OZBTC Tested bitcoins there before we got back from the bank.
  • spendbitcoins
  • Get Bitcoins - Buy bitcoins in Australia at market rates and a low commission from
  • CoinJar - We both get $2 if you make a $50 or more deposit
To spend bitcoins go to
  • ASAP Stuff <-- Next or same day order processing in Australia.

Listings are now automatically removed after 1 month
Next I will be making it so accounts that owe more than $10 their listing wont be shown. It was set to half a BTC a long time ago.